Deadlands the Weird West: Blood on the Range Test Drive Rules on Foundry VTT

Published On: March 9, 2021Categories: News

The FREE Test Drive Rules for Savage Worlds and Deadlands: the Weird West are now available for Foundry VTT!

This complimentary module version of the Savage Worlds Test Drive Rules includes everything you need to play:

  • Six pregenerated “archetype” characters as actors, fully statted up with all their gear and tokens
  • Three included NPCs as preconfigured actors with their gear and tokens
  • Seven powers all ready for use
  • Interlinked Journal Entries of the whole text detailing rules for: Basics, Combat, and Powers
  • Bonus map as a Scene, all lit and ready for tokens!

It also includes Blood on the Range, a brand new tale of death on the high plains for The Horror at Headstone Hill, the latest campaign set in Deadlands: the Weird West by Savage Worlds’ creator Shane Lacy Hensley!

Once you’ve taken the Test Drive Rules out for a spin, purchase the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition core rules here, and all your Deadlands: the Weird West items here!

???? Everything you need to play is contained in this FREE module! Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, The Horror at Headstone Hill nor the Deadlands: the Weird West core rules are required to play this adventure.

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