Deadlands the Weird West: Horror at Headstone Hill “Murder Board”

Published On: March 10, 2020Categories: News

It’s not often we get to sneak a peek inside the personal journal of Deadlands author Matthew Cutter, and from what we’ve seen, there might be good reasons for that!*

To protect your sanity, we have (helpfully) obscured some of the more aberrant aspects of this particular page. There’s a sort of mad genius at work here… maybe more “mad” than “genius,” some days.

So what’s this for, exactly? The next edition of Deadlands: The Weird West features a return to more local horror. Of course we’ll still deal with the big events, like what the Cackler and his infernal mother are up to, or Hellstromme’s ongoing shenanigans, but we’re also heading back into the lonesome deserts, the deadly boomtowns, and the isolated High Plains this whole sordid tale of the Weird West started in.

Horror at Headstone Hill is a boxed set of Uinta County, Wyoming Territory, and all the terrible things happening within it. The posse is part of the Twilight Legion, tasked with finding a missing agent, defeating any strange critters they find lurking in the back alleys, dark hollows, and haunted hills, and of course reducing the local Fear Level while they’re at it.

The boxed set includes an annotated map and other handouts the players can use to track down their fellow agent, investigate Heaston Hill’s many mysteries, and confront the many terrors that plague the land.

Assuming all goes according to plan, boxed sets like Horror at Headstone Hill will be an integral part of the new, updated edition of Deadlands, the Kickstarter of which should go live near the end of this month!

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* Make a Fear check at -2 after reviewing the corrupt contents of this tenebrous tome!

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