Deadlands: the Weird West Kickstarter Updates Aplenty

Published On: April 28, 2020Categories: News

As of this writing, our Kickstarter for Deadlands: the Weird West has been grinding away for one week and already you’ve unlocked a whopping 15 Stretch Goals with more on the horizon!

First off, we want to tip our hats to thank all of you for your enthusiasm and support. We really couldn’t do this without you and we hope you’ll continue to spread the word about Deadlands: the Weird West.

At the launch of the Kickstarter, several of you posted photos of yourself in Western gear, brandishing past covers of Deadlands, and other cool ways to represent your love for our little game. We felt it was only right to share!

Second, we’re very excited to announce that our good buckaroos with Saving Throw and WildCards will be saddling up for a sneak peek of Deadlands: the Weird West in a special, two-episode arc beginning this Sunday, May 3rd, at 6pm Pacific. Set a reminder to watch ’em LIVE on Twitch and then catch the archived episodes on their YouTube channel.

Third, to whet your whistle while you wait (and that is a LOT of alliteration, by the way), we present a FREE sneak peek of one of the most horrifying abominations in all the Weird West… the dreaded Hangin’ Judge, all gussied up for the new edition of Deadlands: the Weird West!

Fourth, anyone who offers proof of their collected pledge for Deadlands: the Weird West can snag a Doomtown Base Set PLUS a sweet deck tin for only $20! Just email [email protected] after the Kickstarter ends to get in on this incredible deal!

And finally, speaking of abominations from the Weird West, we just had to share this pic of some bloated Prairie Tick Queen minis masterfully painted up by Cedric Chin. We got itchy just lookin’ at these creepy-crawlies. Great job, Cedric!

The Deadlands: the Weird West Kickstarter continues for another two weeks, but if you’re as much a fan of the Weird West as we are, you won’t want to miss a minute of the fun! Saddle up today!

Marshal’s Badge added to the $220 High Roller reward level, along with these deluxe metal dice and dice tray from Norse Foundry!

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