Deadlands Western Town Maps on Fantasy Grounds & Steam

Published On: June 18, 2019Categories: News

A couple weeks back, we announced the addition of a few new Deadlands products to Fantasy Grounds (available through Steam or any of the other available platforms) including Stone and a Hard PlaceStone and a Hard Place Figure FlatsThe Tombstone Seven (pre-generated characters), and Lone Killers of the Southwest.

Now, three more exciting items have reared their Harrowed heads including Stone and a Hard Place Combat Map Set 1Stone and a Hard Place Combat Map Set 2, and Deadlands Reloaded: A Tale of Two Killers!

Stone and a Hard Place Combat Map Set 2 With these two map sets combined, you get 24″ x 30″ Western backgrounds, as well as 13 unique location maps including a bank, bunkhouse, church, dance hall, hotel, sheriff’s office, and an undertaker. While these maps are designed for use with Stone and a Hard Place, they can also be used to embellish your own Deadlands adventures!

As for Deadlands Reloaded: A Tale of Two Killers, this adventure sends your Heroic posse into a town on the verge of oblivion, where they encounter vibrant personalities, stiff challenges, and weird terrors galore. Trouble is, they also find the world’s oldest “living” Harrowed…as well as the Deathly Drifter himself! Can they defeat the evils of Dante’s Ferry…and tell enough rousing tales to save its beleaguered folks?

Order these new products individually or save a few bucks and pick up the Deadlands Reloaded Complete Bundle containing ALL of the above items plus a number of others for a whopping 20% off!

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