Details About Doom Guard’s Other Diabolical Invaders

Published On: December 5, 2023Categories: Crowdfunding, Doom Guard, News

Join the Doom Guard and save Legacy City from Ultimate Evil on Gamefound in early 2024. In Pinnacle Entertainment Group’s debut cooperative board game, heroes and villains alike race against the ever-advancing Doom Track to thwart each campaign’s major antagonist.

The Guardians must resist the vile corruption of “the Ultimate Evil.” Each of these foes twist the board and changes the Minions, Impending Doom statuses, Doom Track size, and how the Doom advances. Each Ultimate Evil board is two-sided for double the number of sinister threats!

We’ve seen the mighty Cthulhu and his dread minions from the world beyond, but now Asmodeus turns his gaze on Earth! This demonic Ultimate Evil sends forth his legions from Stygia to subjugate our world via an add-on expansion box that contains Strygoth–vicious winged warriors–and their Brute cousins, mastiff-sized Stygian Hounds who hunt in packs, and slow-moving fiendish Gluttons that devour everything in their wake, all with new Minion dice and deadly new mechanics.

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