Doomtown Reloaded Rides Into the Sunset

Published On: June 28, 2016Categories: News

Doomtown ReloadedThe current run of Doomtown Reloaded from Alderac Entertainment Group will come to a close with the release of Blood Moon Rising. It’s not going to simply vanish. Organized play will be supported until at least the end of the year, and there is still stock available.

Both Pinnacle and Alderac have been very happy with this run of Doomtown. We appreciate AEG bringing Deadlands to a whole new contingent of gamers that might not otherwise have visited the Weird West.

What does the future have in store? Straight from Shane: “AEG still has product on the release schedule and plenty of material for people to enjoy. We’ll take a look when all that wraps up and figure out what’s best for this amazing game.”

Yes, I want to hear about new products, sales, and news from the community!