Doomtown Report from Gen Con 51

Published On: August 7, 2018Categories: News

This year, Pine Box Entertainment brought their a-game (literally) to Gen Con 51 with a host of special Doomtown events, tournaments, and fun-filled social gatherings. From what we’ve heard, everyone who participated had a terrific time and here are just a few bullet points (and photos) directly from Alex Wirges, CEO of Pine Box Entertainment:

* We ran a ton of demos, introducing many people to both Doomtown and the world of Deadlands.

* Players were unable to defeat Stone in the Dead Man’s Hand event. Coot Jenkins used the heroes to make his escape. And in the end it was decided Rafi Hamid would be brought back from beyond the pale in a future set!

* Finally, James Meredith walked away As NA Champion playing 108 Drunken Masters!

To keep up with all future Doomtown developments and events, visit the Pine Box Entertainment website and be sure to follow them on Facebook.

See you all again next year, amigos!

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