Doomtown Takes on Gen Con 2019

Published On: July 23, 2019Categories: News

Good Intentions, amigos!

Next Wednesday, start your Gen Con off with a bang at the Pine Box Meet & Greet from 3pm to 7pm at Kilroy’s Downtown Indy. Meet the Pine Box Entertainment team (including David and Christine Lapp, designer Rich Carter, and card layout maestro, Thomas Goodnow), and enjoy a few games of Doomtown.

Immediately following the Meet & Greet, the action moves to the Hyatt Regency for The 4th Annual Hogkillin’ Time Bicycle Rally. From 7pm to 11pm, Pine Box Entertainment once again presents this annual Doomtown gathering. Bring a Bicycle deck and join us for multiplayer, meet the team, and check out new projects on the horizon!

Thursday afternoon at 2pm, swing by Green Tables 1 through 3 in Hall D for Showdown at the Clanton Ranch! This new multiplayer variant event for Doomtown places the participants at the height of the conflict at the Clanton Ranch in Tombstone, that will be featured in an upcoming fiction on the Pine Box Entertainment website! Be one of the first to participate in this new variant soon to be released as a stand alone product!

Friday at Noon and Saturday at 11am, Pine Box and Pinnacle Entertainment Group continue with events including a Doomtown open play/learn to play environment for players beginning and experienced players. Head to the Green Tables (1-3) in Hall D and join our great community for a few rounds of casual play, or learn to play Doomtown for the very first time! You’ll receive some fancy new promos and play for previously-released promotional items from organized play.

Carter’s Classic hits Green Tables 1 and 2 in Hall D on Friday at 4pm: Saddle up pardners, & prepare for a return to the Gomorra of yesteryear! This year’s format is Double Barrel, which follows normal deck construction rules, but each player can only have two of any given card in their deck. This is for the original Classic CCG version of Doomtown.

Saturday at High Noon, Jonah’s Allies takes over Green Tables 4 through 7 in Hall D: Doomtown is moving to Deadwood! The winner of this event will work with the Doomtown Design Team to determine an ally that will join Jonah Essex. Random players each round will help determine members of Jonah’s Alliance. This event continues the choices made at Origins and the UK Badge Event, where players influenced the future of Doomtown!

And throughout Gen Con, find Pine Box HQ at the Green Tables in Hall D.

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