Doomtown: Weird West Edition—Now on Kickstarter!

Published On: August 17, 2021Categories: Crowdfunding, Events, News

Doomtown: Weird West Edition, From our pardners Pine Box Entertainment, is now LIVE on Kickstarter ushering in a whole new era for this beloved property!

Doomtown: Weird West Edition offers a new base set with all the latest, fully-updated rules along with new ways to play with your existing collection, including Solo Play, Co-Op, and 2v1, four new variants of play including Introduction Mulligan, Clock Timer Fear Level, Deadly Shootout, and Town Control, the ability to play online via the officially supported platform: Doomtown: Online, and more than 40 new cards and over 75 updated cards alongside many returning favorites.

At the same time, Doomtown: Weird West Edition promises to be 100% compatible with your current Doomtown collection!

Plus, for those attending Expedition Deadwood 2021 this weekend, don’t miss the world championship Marshal of Deadwood event, a ‘Traitor’ variant round-up, Dueling in Deadwood, and the Greenhorn Shooting Range. Feast your steely eyes on the full schedule right here!

Thanks for your support for Doomtown: Weird West Edition and we look forward to seeing you ’round the game tables in Deadwood this week!

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