Double Dose of Rifts® Releases!

Published On: December 20, 2016Categories: News

Tome of DestinyIt’s a Christmas two-fer for Savage Rifts®!* The bad news, though, is that you’re only allowed to buy one. The good news is the other one is totally free!

Tome of Destiny is a new PDF adventure, ready to take your Rifts® group into a hunt for what could be the most dangerous book around. Oh, but it’s not some shopping trip to the book store. There’s only one available, and you might not be the only crowd looking for it—or the most heavily armed.

rifts_savaging900If that’s not enough hours of fun for you, Savaging Your Favorite Rifts® Ideas will help you pass your holidays turning all your existing Rifts® material into Savage Rifts® material! Why stop there? Start turning all those holiday specials, old television shows, favorite books, and even cartoon strips into new ideas for Savage Rifts®! Heck, not even the sky is the limit with this free conversion guide from the same folks who brought you the SR book in the first place.

* I just wish they were both forest-themed so I could make a “pair tree” joke here. Sigh.

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