Download the Newly Updated Savage Worlds Vehicle Guide

Published On: August 25, 2020Categories: News

Recently updated with EIGHT additional pages of sample vehicles, the indispensable Savage Worlds Vehicle Guide is your ticket to use any vehicle in your adventures.

From Roman galleons to moon-sized space stations, we’ve got you covered with a massive collection of sample vehicle statistics of every size just waiting to be customized—or used on the fly as-is! Just add weapons and a daring crew.

Vehicle types are divided by era so you can easily figure out those burning questions like how an advanced alien spacecraft stacks up against a World War 2 battleship. Each vehicle type has a custom table including Size, Mass, Length, Handling, Top Speed, Toughness, Crew, and example craft typical for the category.

The newly expanded Savage Worlds Vehicle Guide includes comprehensive guidelines on converting vehicles—whether real-world or fictional—into your game, and includes tips for using “real world” vehicle statistics as a springboard to bring more varied monsters and encounters to your table.

Visit our store today to get behind the wheel of the updated Savage Worlds Vehicle Guide. If you previously purchased this product, be sure to re-download to ensure you get the latest version.

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