East Texas University Fills the Bundle of Holding

Published On: April 25, 2017Categories: News

ETU Bundle of HoldingCollege is scary. Going to East Texas University is downright terrifying, but at least you can do it on the cheap if you sign up now!

In cooperation with the fine folks at Bundle of Holding, you can get the ETU Bundle of Holding for only $9.99. That gets you the Student Collection, with full PDF copies of East Texas University, Savage Worlds Deluxe, ETU Archetypes, Trouble in Texas, and the ETU Welcome Kit. That’s a $43 value right there, and you don’t need a degree to figure out that’s a great deal, partner!

It’s worth your while to chip a little more into the kitty, too. We won’t be naming a college or building after you, but you can step on up to the Dean’s Collection and add in Degrees of Horror, Class Ring, ETU Figure Flats, ETU Maps, the University Press Kit, and GM Screen Inserts! That’s an additional $59 value, for a total of over $100 worth of ETU greatness.

Here’s where we mix in a little Econ and Psych into that Math we’ve been giving you. You definitely save a bundle, but you may also save a child. A portion of all proceeds from the ETU Bundle of Holding go to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Do a good thing, help others, and keep some cash for yourself while you’re at it!

Don’t wait too long—the ETU Bundle of Holding semester only lasts until Monday, May 15! After that, it’s only memories.

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