End of the Line for the Deadlands: Night Train 25th Anniversary Kickstarter

Published On: October 31, 2023Categories: Crowdfunding, News

“Listen… Can you hear the whistle blowing in the evening air? The Night Train is about to make its final stop. Are you ready to face your fears?”

This Thursday, November 2nd, our Kickstarter for the Deadlands: Night Train 25th Anniversary Boxed Set will pull into the station for the last time!

Already, almost 2,000 of you brave souls have hopped aboard this hell-bound train to get us over $116K (as of this writing).

For those new to the campaign, this new blood-soaked Boxed Set includes a 72-page book, full-color pawns, fold-out Combat Maps, new Archetypes, and a commemorative Wild Die. We’re also tossing in a new, updated collection of Wendigo Tales featuring 10 classic stories of the Weird West from Shane Lacy Hensley, John Goff, Matt Forbeck, Timothy Brian Brown, Lester Smith, and John Wick.

This hardback collection of fright-tastic fiction is included with every pledge tier! That’s a $25 book for FREE, amigo, just for boarding the Night Train!

And don’t miss our Night Train Kickstarter final hour livestream, Thursday night starting at 7pm Eastern over on the official Pinnacle Entertainment Group Twitch channel.

We’re incredibly thankful to those of you who have joined us on this wild journey so far, but there’s still plenty of room for more victims passengers! Please keep spreading the word about our campaign to your friends near and far.

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