Enter the Maw of Oblivion for Deadlands: Lost Colony

Published On: September 13, 2022Categories: Crowdfunding, News

The Maw of Oblivion for Deadlands: Lost Colony is now open on GAMECHANGER!

This new supplement advances the story of Deadlands: Lost Colony forward and explores in more detail the settlements scattered across the Belt.

It also encompasses a six-chapter Plot Point campaign covering Famine’s insidious machinations, the posse’s pursuit of her, plus complications from aggressive U.N. forces, the Reapers, and chilling new horrors lurking in the Dark—the unclaimed space between the other planets of Faraway and the Belt.

A series of Savage Tales and a passel of new enemies add depth to the proceedings and opportunities for more adventure. There’s also a primer to bring new GMs up to speed on notable events that happened in Deadlands: Lost Colony and beyond. In addition to all that, Maw of Oblivion has new options for heroes:

🌌 New Edges and Hindrances for Spacers and heroes who haven’t had a planet under their feet for a while.

🌌 New Gear and weapons to help the crew survive their travels through the Dark.

🌌 New spaceship hulls and Mods. Upgrade the ship the posse gained in “The Demon You Know” (Deadlands: Lost Colony), or find a new ride and equip it with new tech.

🌌 A new Arcane Background and Powers: the Razorjack. An experimental cybernetic implant created Hellstromme Industries’ cursed technology allows the user to control a captured manitou’s magic—if they don’t succumb to the creature’s evil first.

🌌 An explicit dive into spaceship Chases and Duels, along with a streamlined option for Quick Chases and Quick Duels for crews that prefer to settle their problems face-to-face.

Along with the book, we’re also offering a number of other invaluable items in print and PDF including a two-sided, full-color Black City Map Pack, four sheets of sturdy, die-cut Deadlands: Lost Colony Pawns including character archetypes, villains, and additional forces, and two new Collectible Bounty Cards for Famine and War!

Make your way over to the Maw of Oblivion page on GAMECHANGER to pledge your support. Please note that pledges for this campaign are collected immediately, guaranteeing your funds go straight into our hands for the development and publication of Maw of Oblivion.

Additionally, tonight starting at 8pm Eastern, join us on our official PEG Twitch channel for the Maw of Oblivion GAMECHANGER Launch Stream with host Chris Landauer, Line Developer, Darrell Hayhurst, and a few other special PEG guests!

If you’re a fan of Savage Worlds and Deadlands: Lost Colony, please consider not only backing Maw of Oblivion but also getting the word out to others who might be interested as well. It’s incredibly hard to reach people in today’s crowded marketplace, and Pinnacle depends greatly on friends like you to let people know about our latest projects.

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