Fabled Environments Releases Olympus Inc!

Published On: January 10, 2017Categories: News

Olympus Inc from Fabled EnvironmentsYou know those conspiracy theorists who say a few handfuls of corporations and secret societies run the world? Not only are they right, but they didn’t go far enough!

The shadows are filled with war and intrigue, greed and betrayal. And you’ve just tiptoed into those shadows, filled with the offspring of the gods of old, stepped down from their perches on Mount Olympus and drawing power from people in a new way.

Welcome to the age of Olympus Inc, the new Savage Worlds setting from Fabled Environments. Get all the details and setting customization you need to play, including a fabulous—some might even say mythical—Adventure Generator.

Remember, if you hear hissing when someone’s brushing their hair, look away.

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