Fabricated Dreams Finishes Wendigo Tales Season 3

Published On: October 14, 2014Categories: News

Fabricated Dreams, a Wendigo Tale of The Last ParsecCaptain Nick Garron has a new ship, new kalian, and a few new other things to worry about since we last saw him in the Wendigo Tale: The Searchers. In Fabricated Dreams, the crew discovers a wonder both ancient and new at the same time. Is the dusty planet as empty as it seems? And if it is, who—or what—keeps building the strange structures on its surface?

Fabricated Dreams by Timothy Brian Brown is the sixth and final installment of Wendigo Tales: Season 3The Last Parsec and is now available. Fabricated Dreams joins Michael Conn’s How the Life Goes On, Christine Thompson’s Echoes, John Wick’s A Clear Understanding of Honor, Shane Hensley’s  The Searchers, and Cameron Dayton’s Scrapped.

Space is big and inviting. Roll around in it with your own Last Parsec Wendigo Tales!

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