Fangs of the Viper—New One Sheet Adventure for Weird Wars: Rome

Published On: March 11, 2014Categories: News

Weird Wars: Rome Fangs of the Viper One SheetFangs of the Viper is a new One Sheet adventure for Weird Wars: Rome. Can you and your valiant men save a stolen princess from some local bandit called “The Viper”? Or will you find that this remote desert contains tricks, treachery, and the truly unreal that casts a long shadow over the Empire in Weird Wars: Rome?

Check out our full line-up of Weird Wars: Rome material to bring your games through an Empire that changed the world and saw darkness spring from its war-torn corners. Fangs of the Viper joins our collection of other One Sheet adventures, all of which are still completely free for the taking! Get a taste of the whole range of Savage Worlds settings with these great freebies, or adapt them to your preferred setting.

Fangs of the Viper was written by Jason E. Roberts, creator of FVLMINATA (and the free Savage Worlds conversion notes for it).

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