Fantasy Grounds Deadlands Sale Ends Thursday

Published On: July 3, 2018Categories: News

If you’re a veteran Fantasy Grounds user or you’ve been thinking of giving it a shot, you have until this Thursday (July 5th) to stock up on everything (and we do mean everything) Fantasy Grounds has released for Deadlands Reloaded at a whopping 20% discount!

This incredible bundle has enough adventures to keep your posse busy until the cows come home and has all the basic rules for Deadlands and Savage Worlds. Pick up the whole caboodle and you’ll save a few dineros in the process. If you already have some of the items, you can grab the rest to round out your bundle and get all those at a 20% discount.

Get the Deadlands Reloaded Bundle for Fantasy Grounds at 20% off now. This sale ends this Thursday, July 5th.

Discover why Fantasy Grounds is such an amazing way to play Deadlands and other Savage Worlds settings.

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