Fill Your Table with New Last Parsec Maps and Figure Flats!

Published On: January 20, 2015Categories: News

The Last ParsecFill up that empty space on your table with our exciting space of the future—The Last Parsec! Today we’re releasing enough maps and figure flats to choke out a black hole!*

There’s two sets of Figure Flats ready for you—Explorers of the Last Parsec Figure Flats and Terrors of Deep Space Figure Flats. Whether you need folks from all the races of The Last Parsec or you just need the most dangerous beasts those people may eventually run afoul of, we’ve got you covered. Both sets are ready to be printed and assembled into either tri-fold figures or based-tent figures to suit your preferences, and you can make as many as you want to. You caught that, right? As many as you want. There’s no reason to stop at five or six players against one or two beasts, not when you can add in a few (or a few hundred, or a few thousand) of their allies…on both sides!

With persons and things covered, it’s time to round out the nouns and give you some places for your Last Parsec games! Right now you can get your hands on four different PDF maps, each ready to print at 24″ x 30″ (if you’ve got the printer) or to be tiled to suit your printing and table needs. Whether you need a Dropship Map, a Freighter Map, Pirate Vessels Maps, or a Research Ship Map, this is the place to be! Each is ready to be filled with your minis or our Figure Flats.

For those of you out there with the foresight to have joined the Last Parsec Kickstarter as backers, these files are already waiting for you. If you’re not in that special crowd, what are you waiting for? Get your Last Parsec Maps and Figure Flats today!

* Okay, a very small, highly theoretical black hole that probably doesn’t exist and may have sent our actual physicist readers into conniption fits. Sorry about that. I get carried away sometimes.

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