Final Files for Pinebox Middle School, Savage Worlds Horror Companion, & Legend of Ghost Mountain

While we eagerly await the print versions of Pinebox Middle School, the Savage Worlds Horror Companion, and Legend of Ghost Mountain, most of the “final” digital files for all three are now available to backers in your PEGINC.COM Downloads. This also means that those of you who didn’t originally get in on any of these campaigns can now preorder and get your mitts on the PDFs right away!


Depending on your pledge level, ALL the digital files of physical assets for Pinebox Middle School are now available in your PEGINC.COM Downloads. This includes:

  • PBMS Adversary Cards
  • PBMS Archetype Cards
  • PBMS GM Screen Adventures
  • PBMS Figure Flats
  • PBMS GM Screen Inserts
  • PBMS Map Pack 1
  • PBMS Map Pack 2
  • PBMS Pinebox Map
  • PBMS Pinebox Middle School Book
  • PBMS Boxed Set ZIP


While the Figure Flats and Horror of Huntley House Savage Tale of Adventure are still being finalized, the following files are now available to all backers, depending on your pledge level:

  • Horror Companion Book
  • Savage Tale of Horror: Patient Zero
  • Horror Character Sheet
  • Horror Character Sheet (Form Fillable)
  • Horror Archetype Cards
  • Horror Action Deck


Almost all the digital files for Legend of Ghost Mountain are now available to backers in your PEGINC.COM Downloads. The one remaining file for delivery is the Figure Flats which is being finalized. As feedback is closed on these files, we consider these releases as “safe” for you to print at home:

  • Legend of Ghost Mountain Book
  • Action Deck
  • Archetype Cards
  • Map Pack #1
  • Map Pack #2
  • Poster Map
  • Mass Battle Playmat
  • GM Screen Inserts

Download all of the above and get these games to your tables today!

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