Final Week for Rifts® American Armageddon PledgeManager

Published On: February 25, 2020Categories: News

This is the FINAL WEEK for the Rifts® American Armageddon PledgeManager! If you were considering pledging $150 US for the MAXIMUM RIFTS® FOR SAVAGE WORLDS reward level to get everything in print, including the Boxed Set, time is running out! (You can also Add-On a Maximum Rifts® pledge level for a friend and split the shipping costs!)

We’ll close down the portal next Tuesday (March 3rd) and plan to begin shipping domestically by the end of the month.

We asked to send out reminder emails to all our backers. Just click the link in that email and log in to check your order for the following:

  1. Your shipping address is correct. Brazil, Canada, and EU backers please read the notes in our Kickstarter Update here!
  2. Verify your pledge level and all add-on items.
  3. Did you pay for shipping? If not, please do it now!
  4. Is your order marked complete?
  5. If you unlock your order to update your address or add-on additional items for your friends, be sure to click the GREEN button at the bottom to pay, or if there is nothing additional to pay, to confirm your order. Unlocked orders will not ship!

If you have not received an email from, or if you have ANY questions, please contact [email protected].

Finally, as this is the LAST CALL for preorders, please share this announcement with your friends, your game group, and on social media.

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