FINAL WEEK for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Kickstarter

Published On: November 6, 2018Categories: News

The Kickstarter for the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition wraps up next Wednesday, November 14th!

Since last week, a few additional Stretch Goals have been revealed (all the way up to $400K) including:

  • ​​$355K – Savage Tales of Horror: Volume 1 (PDF)
  • ​$360K – World Builder’s Guide Expansion 5: Savage Worlds for All Ages by Jodi Black
  • $370K – Savage Worlds Map Pack – Printable PDFs of some of our incredible poster-size map packs
  • ​$380K – Mini-Settings in Print – Shane Hensley’s AbyssalMatthew Cutter’s Spirits of 1786, Cheyenne Wright’s Tesla Rangers, and BJ Hensley’s Lost City of Astla, printed and bundled with the Game Master’s Screen
  • $390K – World Builder’s Guide Expansion 6: The Long Game by Shane Hensley (President and creator of Savage Worlds)
  • ​$400K – Return of…the Adventure Deck! (added to the Savage Worlds Essentials boxed set)

And for those already making plans for the upcoming Pledge Manager (watch for it before the end of the year), we’ve also posted individual prices for several Add Ons including the Essentials boxed set, World Builder’s Guide, dice set (with four custom Wild Dice), and the new Power and Ammo Trackers, so you can start putting your wish list together right now.

Also, we have updated the revised Chase rules in the free Return to Sleepy Hollow adventure, and we’ve posted a free PDF preview of Quick Encounters, a new way of resolving encounters through collaborative storytelling.

Visit the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Kickstarter page to pledge your support today!

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