Finals Week for East Texas University: Study Abroad

Published On: March 23, 2021Categories: Crowdfunding, News

OK students, you have just two days before it’s pencils down on our Game On Tabletop Booster campaign for East Texas University: Study Abroad!

With almost 350 applications for our Study Abroad program already submitted, we’re delighted to see how excited all of you are to experience your first semester abroad! We can’t wait to hear your stories from Costa Rica, Italy, Poland, and England (don’t forget to bring us a souvenir).

Thanks to your enthusiasm and overwhelming generosity, you’ve already unlocked some exciting new rewards and add-ons including a FREE Wendigo Tale audiobook set in the ETU universe, performed by the talented cast of Soundbooth Theater. Check out the teaser right here!

Additionally, we’ve also expanded the add-ons available to all backers at the Study Abroad (Print) tiers and above to include boxed sets and bundles from many of our our other Savage Settings. This is a great way to pick up other Pinnacle products you want and receive discounted shipping! We do everything we can to keep shipping costs low for you folks, and bundling your Study Abroad pledge with other PEG books is a great way to make the most out of your pledge!

We greatly appreciate your continued support and ask that you keep talking about Study Abroad to your friends and sharing what we’re doing on social media. The more people hear about us, the bigger and better content we can make for you folks. Join our official Facebook group, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and check out the latest media content on our Twitch / YouTube channels!

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