Find Your Way Around Mongo With New Flash Gordon™ Poster Maps

Published On: March 27, 2018Categories: News

Let your players know exactly where their heroes are on our new detailed Map of Mongo! From the frozen wastes of Frigia in the north to the Ice Kingdom of Naquk in the south, and from the radioactive lands of Radiuma in the west to the wildly diverse continent of Tropica in the east, you’ll find every kingdom, city, and palace clearly marked on this beautiful, full-color wall map.

Take your adventures down to the floor of Mongo’s Sea of Mystery with this gorgeous full-color Combat Map of Coralia featuring a sunken imperial rocket ship, vibrant coral outcroppings, and temptingly sensuous sea life. This beautiful, 24″ x 30″ map, rendered by artist Alida Saxon, offers a shimmering underwater landscape with a 1″ grid ready for exploration—or ambush! Keep your eyes peeled for rogue shark men.

From the bottom of the sea to the tops of the tallest trees, bring the verdant elevations of the Great Tree Highway and swampy sod of the kingdom of Arboria to your tabletop! Featuring elevated wooden platforms, swinging bridges, dangling ropes to swing from—not to mention a rather threatening-looking stump of many holes—and a wicker cage for trespassers, this 24″ x 30″ Combat Map with a 1″ grid inspires plenty of action for characters in The Savage World of Flash Gordon™.

Download the Map of Mongo for free, and buy the Combat Maps of Arboria and Coralia today!

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