Flash Gordon™ Archetypes, Cliffhangers, & Combat Options! Oh My!

Published On: January 23, 2018Categories: News

Accessorize your Savage World of Flash Gordon™ Roleplaying Game experience with official Character Archetypes, Cliffhanger Cards, and exclusive Combat Options (featuring a few new and exciting rule updates) now available from our store!

⚡ Character Archetypes: Get to the action faster using our “print and play” pregenerated Archetype characters! These full-color, ready-to-play archetypes for the Savage World of Flash Gordon™ RPG include a Dwarf, a Giant, a Hawkman, an Earthling, a Lion Man, a Lizard Man, a Mongonian, a Robot, and a Shark Man.

⚡ Cliffhanger Cards: No Flash Gordon™ adventure would be complete without a proper Cliffhanger or three! This FREE download gives you a Cliffhanger Token and Cards to print and use with your Savage World of Flash Gordon™ RPG! At the beginning of each session, the players are given the Cliffhanger token. When the group decides to use it, they flip it over to the CLIFFHANGER side! Everyone gets a reward of some kind such as drawing or refilling their Bennies, or gaining Conviction. But then the situation goes from the proverbial frying pan into the fire in some way! Once the Cliffhanger is in play, the GM either decides what happens based on the circumstances, or better yet, lets the players choose from a number of options…and we even have cards for them!

⚡ Combat Options: This FREE, colorful, double-sided reference sheet contains all the combat options players need in the heat of battle, and are updated to reflect some of the core rules changes for The Savage World of Flash Gordon™! Print ’em up and hand ’em out to best defeat Ming’s merciless minions!

Kingdoms of Mongo requires​ The Savage World of Flash Gordon™ and Savage Worlds to play, though it can be read and enjoyed by any fan of Alex Raymond’s classic hero!

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