Flash Gordon™ Meets The Wild Die Podcast!

Published On: April 3, 2018Categories: News

Savage Worlds Actual Play PodcastsRecently, Scott Woodard (The Savage World of Flash Gordon™ Brand Manager) took the crew of The Wild Die Podcast through a short Flash Gordon™ RPG adventure titled The Wreck of War Rocket Phrixus.

Set in the forest kingdom of Arboria, our heroes find themselves investigating a crashed imperial rocket ship that is slowly succumbing to the murky depths of the dreaded Dismal Swamp! Listen as they discover the strange secret that lies within The Wreck of War Rocket Phrixus!

Click here to listen to all 50 minutes of this exciting (and occasionally hilarious) cinematic actual play, featuring sound effects and music.

The Wild Die: A Savage Worlds RPG Podcast is Harrison Hunt, Eric Lamoureux, Gary McCallum, and Manuel Sambs. Made by and for the fans, this podcast is going on its third year aim to inform and entertain.

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