Flash Gordon™ Pledge Manager Shipping Benefits for Int’l Customers

Published On: May 15, 2018Categories: News

Just a reminder that you have until the end of this month—May 30th—to get in on the best print and shipping deals for The Savage World of Flash Gordon™!

We’ve seen lots of love for Flash Gordon™ all over social media and even in Avengers: Infinity War*, and now you can bring the best compilation of Flash Gordon™ lore to your tabletop or library, no matter where in the universe** you are!

Our friends across the ponds, whether in Europe or Australia, will want to take advantage of these shipping rates in particular. Orders placed on our website ship one at a time, whereas the Pledge Manager groups orders for bulk shipping and helps us work out these better deals. You also save on customs taxes since we work with local shippers where we can to provide “friendly” shipping and pay for the taxes. For the Flash Gordon Pledge Manager we have local depots in Canada, Australia, and France (covering the EU).

For our international friends especially, the May 30th cutoff is important so we have time to start sorting orders. It takes a lot of work to process all that paperwork and freight to the regional locations. Our domestic friends here in the United States may be able to place orders after this date, but you’ll need to contact us to do so.

*That’s not really part of the plot, just one scene that had us clapping. So that’s not really a spoiler. ?

**Please use a forwarding address for all off-world addresses (including those on Mongo).

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