Flash Gordon™ RPG: Legends of Mongo Booster Box for Savage Worlds—Preorder & Unboxing!

Published On: January 25, 2022Categories: Media, New Release, News

The incredible Legends of Mongo Booster Box for the Flash Gordon™ Roleplaying Game has finally broken free of Mongo’s orbit and is on its way to us here on Earth! Shipping to backers and preorders is estimated for May 2022.

Legends of Mongo includes eight pages of full-color, two-sided pawns, twelve updated and SWADE-compatible Archetype Cards, the 32-page Moons of Mongo double adventure set on the moons of Exila and Lunita, updated Threat Cards, an updated Combat Reference Chart, and the Conversion Guide.

You also get a bonus PDF of the updated Character Folio, and Propaganda Poster and Wallpaper downloads. Print the “sign up” propaganda poster versions to find new players for your next session.

If you missed out on our GameOnTabletop crowdfunding campaign last year, not to worry because you can now preorder this set direct from our store.

And if you want a closer look at all the stuff that comes packed inside this set, check out our Flash Gordon™ RPG: Legends of Mongo Booster Box unboxing video with Simon Lucas (PEG Production Manager) and Chris Landauer (Director of Marketing) now available over on the official Pinnacle Entertainment Group YouTube channel!

“Gordon’s alive!”

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