Flash Gordon™: The Legends of Mongo Booster Box—Now on Game On Tabletop!

Published On: May 18, 2021Categories: Crowdfunding, New Release, News

Since we first released The Flash Gordon™ Roleplaying Game, we’ve taken your heroes from the surface of the planet Mongo down to the inky depths of its oceans and even into its dark and mysterious core, but now, it’s time to shake off gravity’s shackles and travel by rocket ship up to the two moons in orbit around it!

From now through Thursday, June 3rd*, jet on over to Game On Tabletop to pledge your support for our all-new Legends of Mongo Booster Box for The Flash Gordon™ Roleplaying Game!

This brand-new expansion contains updated Archetype Cards (all Seasoned and SWADE-ready), over 140 full-color, two-sided, heavy cardboard pawns for use with our existing Flash Gordon™ Combat Maps, a Combat Reference Chart, new PRINTED Threat Cards, plus a simple Conversion Guide for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition.

Topping all this off is a new 32-page book featuring loads of new denizens and dangers as well as two full adventures on Exila and Lunita: the Moons of Mongo!

Infiltrate the “Outlaw Moon” of Exila to rescue a kidnapped Freemen spy before it’s too late. Or survive a harrowing rocket crash on the surface of Lunita, “the Unexplored Second Moon.” Was it a freak geomagnetic storm that grounded your spaceship, or was it something more sinister?

Benefits of pledging your support on Game On Tabletop during the campaign include:

Get ready for out of this world adventure on the Moons of Mongo with the Legends of Mongo Booster Box for the Flash Gordon™ Roleplaying Game. Now funding on Game On Tabletop!

* June 3rd also marks the 56th anniversary of the first American to “walk” in space when astronaut Edward H. White took his first steps into the void back in 1965 during the flight of Gemini 4! Space is so cool!

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