FREE Flash Gordon™ One Sheet Adventure for Savage Worlds

Published On: January 10, 2023Categories: New Release, News

While our Earthbound holiday season is now behind us, up on the planet Mongo, the people of Tropica are preparing to celebrate Winterlight: an annual festival during which time the continent is bathed in the glow of kaleidoscopic polar lights, gifts are exchanged, and the people don hand-crafted crystalline coronets in honor of the legendary Crown of Conciliation – an artifact of the Lost Kingdom of Vitruvia.

As preparations are made and the streets echo with songs of the ancient world, word comes that a towering “something” has been sighted making its way through the Forbidden Forest in a northerly direction, putting it on track to arrive in Queen Desira’s kingdom in a matter of hours!

Do you and your fellow Freemen rebels have what it takes to defeat… The Titan of Tropica?

This all-new, FREE One Sheet adventure offers enough thrills for an evening of fun and excitement with a seasonal twist.

Whip up a batch of hot cocoa, gather your friends together, and download The Titan of Tropica for the Flash Gordon™ Roleplaying Game today!

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