FREE PDF Errata Bookmark for Deadlands: Lost Colony

Published On: June 2, 2020Categories: News

Mysterious forces have interfered with the upcoming printed edition of the Deadlands: Lost Colony core rulebook resulting in a couple minor issues with the way Fear Levels are presented.

While the PDF version has already been corrected, each physical book that leaves our warehouse will be accompanied by a printed bookmark with errata. Until then, you can download a free PDF of this bookmark from our store and print out as many as you want for your players!

The error in question occurs on pages 63 and 100: The penalty to Fear checks isn’t the Fear Level itself, but -1 for each Fear Level after 2 (so -1 at Fear Level 3, -2 for Fear Level 4, and so on).

We also added this under Creatures on page 179: “Fear: Supernatural creatures are born of the Reckoning and ignore Fear Level penalties.”

Download and print this bookmark to ensure you’re all playing with FEAR correctly!

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