Gaming for a Cure’s Winter Event

Published On: November 28, 2017Categories: News

Gaming for a Cure is a fantastic organization that has been around for 11 years. Originally launched in 2006, it has grown into the focal point of supporting cancer awareness and research among the gaming community in Northern Michigan. The group, founded by Savage Worlds Facebook group member Jodie Brandt, started off with a focus on roleplaying and card games that then expanded to board games, tabletop wargames, and even video games. Members take great pride in the time and effort they donate to make Gaming for a Cure such a success.

Coming up December 9th, Gaming for a Cure is hosting a one-day winter gaming event for folks in the Traverse City, Michigan area. Not only will there be games, they will also have a wrapped Christmas present auction, as well as other prizes. Come support your loved ones who have lost their fight to cancer, and those who have survived this devastating disease, and become “a HERO of a different kind of war.”

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