Geek & Sundry and Bleeding Cool Love SWADE!

Published On: March 12, 2019Categories: News

We love reading reviews of our products, especially the detailed ones that really get down to brass tacks about each item. While there’s certainly no substitute for playing (or running) our games, you can learn a lot from a solid review and that’s why we’re always happy to share them!

First up, Rob Wieland of Geek & Sundry presents Five Great Changes in the New Edition of Savage Worlds RPG. In this article, Rob discusses some of his favorite updates in Savage Worlds Adventure Edition including Core Skills, the new way Advances are handled, additional narrative options, and all the new Game Master advice peppered throughout the volume.

Over at Bleeding Cool, Leigh Kade looks under the hood and kicks all the tires in his review titled Endless Hours of Fun with Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition. If you’re new to Savage Worlds, this article not only examines a number of updates to the system, it also goes over the basics and presents a little history of the game going back to the first printing!

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