Guide to Varisia & Hollow’s Last Hope—Now Available for Fantasy Grounds

Published On: September 7, 2021Categories: New Release, News, VTT

Expand your Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds virtual tabletop gaming experience today with the Rise of the Runelords! – Guide to Varisia and Hollow’s Last Hope, both now available for Fantasy Grounds!

A plague has come to the town of Falcon’s Hollow, and not even the town’s priest can abate its wretched course. With the coughs of the sick and the wails of the dying echoing through town, the local herbalist uncovers a cure, but she needs some brave heroes to retrieve the ingredients. Finding the cure means risking the dangerous Darkmoon Vale, infiltrating a witch’s haunted hut, and delving the ruins of an abandoned dwarven monastery.

Hollow’s Last Hope is a wilderness exploration and dungeon adventure for Novice Rank characters, designed for play with Pathfinder for Savage Worlds. This adventure includes details on the haunted forest and deadly ruins that hide the key ingredients to the town’s salvation.

Do your heroes have the skill and courage to find the cure in time?

Those who head north from Magnimar along the rocky coastline quickly find themselves in a peculiar country. Fog drapes the rolling landscape, floating spectrally along damp and lonely moors. Small woodlands grace the region, their tangled depths redolent of nettles and pepperwood and pine sap. Further inland, river valleys lined by majestic redwoods wind between ragged tors and limestone escarpments. The region’s vastness and sense of isolation have earned it its local name–the Lost Coast.

The Guide to Varisia details the towns and settlements of the Varisian coast that held the key to unlocking the secrets of the Rise of the Runelords campaign. Magnimar, Turtleback Ferry, Xin-Shalast, and the town where it all begins, Sandpoint.

Requires an active subscription or a one-time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Full or Ultimate license and a one time purchase of the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition ruleset. Compatible with Fantasy Grounds Unity or Fantasy Grounds Classic.

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