Happy 2019 from All of Us Here at Pinnacle!

Published On: January 1, 2019Categories: News

We here at Pinnacle are all about looking forward, and we have a good feeling that 2019 is going to be an amazing year of hope, happiness, and, of course, gaming!

This year, let us try to bridge the divides that exist and find commonality at the game table. Organize a game group (even if that means you and your siblings gathered around the kitchen table), seek out local game conventions (or take a trip to experience one in another part of the state, country, or even the world), play games online using virtual tabletops like Fantasy Grounds, watch and join in the chat with live-streamed games on Twitch, or generally support the growing gaming community both online (in places like our fun and very friendly Pinnacle Forum) and face-to-face.

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned over decades of roleplaying, it’s that a group of players sitting at a game table is a surefire way to put aside our differences and share experiences together. Clearly, the world could use a lot more of that!

Of course, we here at Pinnacle are also looking forward to 2019 being the year of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (and FYI, the latest update is now available along with a revised, form-fillable, Table Tent Character Sheet, so be sure to re-download them if you have them already, or buy the PDF of the core rules for your first time, here)!

From all of us here at Pinnacle Entertainment Group, we hope you have a safe, Savage, and very Happy New Year!

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