Happy Jacks – Live Streaming – Pirates of the Spanish Main

Published On: September 19, 2017Categories: News

spaniardsghostimageAvast there! It be too late to alter course, mateys—and there be plunderin’ pirates lurkin’ in every cove…

The Spaniard’s Ghost is a Savage Worlds game of high seas adventure on the Spanish Main in the golden age of piracy, using the Pirates of the Spanish Main setting (with the addition of a few fantastical elements). Think somewhere between Black Sails and Pirates of the Caribbean and you’ll have exactly the right idea.

This game premieres tomorrow, September 20th, streaming LIVE on the Happy Jacks Twitch channel. And don’t miss additional episodes every other Wednesday night starting at 8pm PT.

One quick note: if you’re new to the Happy Jacks crew, they’re an entertaining bunch, and you’re definitely in for a good time, but be warned, their language can get a tad… “salty” on occasion. If that’s a concern, exercise a wee bit o’ caution while aboard, mateys!

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