Hell’s Comin’ With Me Preorder Release for Doomtown!

Published On: December 17, 2019Categories: News

“I arrived in the town of Gomorra with a plan. I pulled the strings behind Ivor Hawley’s Fourth Ring Circus. Through Sloane, I controlled a notorious gang of outlaws. My Tumblebleeds turned Gomorra’s streets red with blood. But now the Fourth Ring has dispersed, its tents in tatters. Sloane’s leader is a madman vanished into the Great Maze. My plans for Gomorra thwarted, I turn my attention northward. My name is Jonah Essex and I am headed for Deadwood. But this time I am not alone. This time, Hell’s comin’ with me!”

The Tombstone climax is finally here as a new era begins! Hell’s Comin’ With Me, Pine Box Entertainment’s fourth expansion for Doomtown, is now available for preorder in our store.

This new expansion chronicles the climactic events that conclude the epic Tombstone arc. Deadlands stalwarts Andrew Lane, Hank Ketchum, and Lacy O’Malley arrive as Doomtown Legends. And an experienced version of Jonah Essex previews Doomtown’s upcoming focus on Deadwood!

*** Please note that ordering the Hell’s Comin’ With Me expansion today will get you the free print-and-play PDF right away, but any orders containing the preorder for the physical product will not ship until March 2020. So if you’re doing some holiday shopping, be sure to place a separate order for the items you’d like now —otherwise you’ll be waiting until spring for everything to arrive. ***

Hell’s Comin’ With Me is an expansion for Doomtown and the base set (currently on sale in our holiday sale) is required to play.

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