Hollerween 2 Pro Panels—Now on Twitch and YouTube

Published On: November 2, 2021Categories: Events, Media, News

Hollerween 2 was a resounding success, and one of the highlights of this year’s event was our fantastic Saturday lineup of Pro Panels!

If you missed out on any of these spirited chats, head on over to our official Twitch channel or dip into our YouTube video archive to check ’em all out:

💀 Crowdfunding Q&A with Jodi Black (PEG Chief Operations Officer and Managing Editor)

💀 RPG Writing & Research with Tim Earley (Holler), John Goff (Deadlands, Deadlands Noir, Deadlands: Hell on Earth), and Scott Woodard (Flash Gordon™, The Sixth Gun)

💀 Kids at the RPG Table with Jodi Black, Clint Black (Savage Worlds Core Rules Guru and Community Manager), and Peter Hildreth

💀 RULES with Clint Black

💀 Holler Q&A with Tim Earley and Tracy Sizemore

We hope you all had a fantastic Hollerween!

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