Hollerween Wrap-Up

Published On: November 3, 2020Categories: News

Now that all your Wild Dice have cooled (and your bags of treats have been emptied (even down to the candy corn and the Pixy Stix)), we hope you all had a terrific time at our very first, official Savage Worlds online convention, Hollerween!

Here are a few Hollerween numbers for those of you keeping score at home:

  • Over 300 convention badges!
  • 66 scheduled Savage Worlds events (at the hands of 40 incredible Game Masters)!
  • A grand total of 28 hours of streamed content (much of which has been archived on our official Twitch and YouTube channels).

If you missed out, be sure to check out our Hollerween Highlights Reel as well as the Q&A with PEG panel and the Holler Q&A with Designer Tim Earley.

We also want to acknowledge all of our terrific streaming partners who joined us over the five days with some phenomenal actual play content including Savage Ravenloft (using Rippers) with CFTRPG, Savage Rifts® Golden Guns new stream with Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, and Deadlands with Saving Throw/Wildcards. We also want to thank The Wild Die Podcast and Con on OFF the Cob for hosting panels and other streaming content. We really couldn’t have done it without y’all!

Thanks to everyone for making our first online event a great success and we look forward to many more! Watch this space, subscribe to our mailing list, and follow us on both Facebook and Twitter for future announcements!

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