Horror Companion & Pinebox Middle School Kickstarter Update

Published On: October 25, 2022Categories: Crowdfunding, Horror Companion for SWADE, News, Pinebox Middle School

First of all, we want to thank those of you who have already pledged your support for our current “double feature” Kickstarter for Pinebox Middle School and the new Horror Companion for Savage Worlds!

With the help of over one thousand backers, we were funded in just nine minutes and have already unlocked seven incredible Stretch Goals including the addition of a cursed cluster of Cthulhu Mythos to the pages of the Horror Companion! 🐙

Next up, we’re looking at adding more monsters and talismans to Pinebox Middle School (because you can never have enough Big Bads and other beasties for the kids to battle) as well as a half-dozen “Gaslight” horror Archetype Cards for the Horror Companion.

If you want to find out more about these two products, we’ve got a bunch of streams coming your way this week:

🎃 Tonight at 8pm Eastern, join Shane Hensley and Tracy Sizemore for a live update about our current Kickstarter for the new Horror Companion and Pinebox Middle School.
🎃 Friday, October 28th, catch our Horror Companion and Pinebox Middle School Kickstarter SPOOKTACULAR! Join us for additional Kickstarter updates and get all your questions answered by Pinnacle staff.
🎃 Saturday, October 29th, don’t miss East Texas University: A Retrospective with special guests Preston Dubose, Owen Lean, Ed Wetterman, and Scott Woodard. They’ll be delving into the history of this remarkable setting, discussing all the assorted products that have been published over the years, and celebrating the many collaborations that have brought Pinebox, TX to life!

And remember, it’s difficult for a relatively small company like ours to get the word out about our games and settings. If you care to champion the cause, please light the signal fires across all your socials, tell the members of your game group, and share links to our official Facebook page as well as our Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch accounts. As always, we are extremely grateful for your support!

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