Horror Creeps Across the Land—in Paperback!

Published On: March 29, 2012Categories: News

The Horror Companion print copies are spreading a cold cloak of dark terror upon a world only newly turned to spring.* Beginning this week, copies will ship to distributors and those who preordered. Next week, you’ll start seeing them in stores.

With new rules for portents, playing monsters, buckets o’ blood, ritual casting, sanity, and gear, the Horror Companion will spice up your creepiest settings. Add in a series of Setting Rules, over a hundred new monsters made for horror (but useable anywhere), and tips for keeping the tone of terror, and it becomes a must-have!

But all tales of terror have a treacherous twist; this one is no different. With the release of the printed books, the Horror Companion Preorder Bundle will vanish like weak resolve in the face of fear. The bundle savings will disappear by Tuesday, April 3. The dark forces coming for you won’t delay—why should you?

*Those of you in the southern hemisphere should read that as “upon a world quickly turning from the sun.”

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