Irongate for The Last Parsec Comes to Kickstarter June 26th!

Published On: June 5, 2018Categories: News

If you’re looking to upgrade your Last Parsec campaign for Savage Worlds, then maybe it’s time to toss your heroes into Irongate and throw away the key card!

No guards. No rules.

Irongate is an intergalactic prison planet populated by a melting pot of the worst criminals the universe has to offer. Left to their own devices the inmates have created a culture of violence, greed, and profit.

Irongate is a post-apocalyptic wasteland and cyberpunk dystopia built on scavenged technology. Parts are also an urban nightmare of overcrowded streets where no one is safe and everything is for sale. Criminals are here for life. Some see this as a death sentence, others as licensed anarchy.

Stars help those poor souls sent here by mistake…

Irongate is a brand new sourcebook + Plot Point Campaign for The Last Parsec and will use the Kickstarter “Booster” model introduced with Lankhmar: Savage Seas of Nehwon

Watch this… SPACE (and your back) for further details!

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