Irongate Kickstarter for The Last Parsec is Complete!

Published On: July 17, 2018Categories: News

Our latest “Booster” Kickstarter for Irongate, a brand new 96-page system guide and Plot Point Campaign for The Last Parsec for Savage Worlds came to a close and we’d like to thank everyone for your generous support. We reached and rocketed past our goal and we had a blast along the way.

For now, things will quiet down here for about three weeks while Kickstarter collects pledges. One we have all the reports we need from them, we’ll update backers about how to download the Irongate PDF and maybe a few of those awesome Booster Rewards will be ready, too! After that, we’ll let you know about the pledge manager survey and all the physical rewards.

And while you’re waiting, be sure to grab the FREE Irongate Bot Madness Preview from our store.

Thanks again for your support for Irongate. You’ll all be doing time having a great time on that dreaded intergalatic prison planet soon!

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