Join the Pinnacle Crew*

Published On: January 10, 2017Categories: News

Career Opportunities with PinnacleHere’s proof that 2017 is a shining new year, filled with hope and opportunity unimagined in 2016—you have the chance to join the Pinnacle Entertainment Staff! If you’ve dreamed of having your thumbnail and brief bio included on the Pinnacle Staff page, this might be your lucky day!**

We want to add a part-time Production Assistant to our mix. Check our new Careers page for the link (or download the job description PDF directly).

Even if this isn’t the opportunity for you, feel free to forward it on to anyone you think would be a good fit, even if they aren’t Savage Worlds players. We’re shockingly accepting that way.

* If you actually read that in a pirate voice or added “matey” at the end, then this might be for you.

** You may also want to look into some bigger dreams. I’d offer you some of mine, but I suspect the rest of the crew would advise you against it very, very quickly.

*** I know, there isn’t a three-asterisk reference in the text above. I just wanted to say that your chances of finding a better bunch of folks to work with and get to know is, in my experience, slimmer than the Slender Man after a juice cleanse. If you’re interested and qualified, don’t hesitate. — Joel

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