Juggernauts, and Pirates, and Glitterboys, Oh My!

Published On: March 17, 2020Categories: News

Over the past couple months, we’ve released some really exciting products for use with Savage Worlds including 50 Fathoms: Fire and Earth, our all-new Savage Worlds Vehicle Guide, an updated, form-fillable character sheet for Rifts®, and a SWADE conversion document and Juggernauts, both for use with Weird War One.

First up, Juggernauts adds more of the world’s first tanks and armored cars to your Weird War One games. It features updated game statistics, rules for crewing these behemoths, additions to the adventure Generator, a Plot Point Campaign, and three new stand-alone Savage Tales.

Second, be sure to download the FREE three-page Savage Worlds Adventure Edition conversion document for Weird War One.

Third, our new Savage Worlds Vehicle Guide covers everything from Roman galleons to moon-sized space stations, offering an extensive collection of sample stats just waiting to be customized, or used on the fly, as-is! Plus, it includes comprehensive guidelines for converting vehicles—whether real-world or fictional—into your game, and includes tips for using “real world” vehicle statistics as a springboard to bring more varied encounters to your game table.

Fourth, return to the drowned world of Caribdus in 50 Fathoms: Fire & Earth, a three-part, 32-page Plot Point Campaign that may be run within the normal 50 Fathoms saga, or afterwards to extend your Veteran crew’s sea-faring adventures!

And last, but not least, download the FREE Rifts® Form-Fillable Character Sheet, now fully-updated for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition.

Find all of these exciting new Savage Worlds supplements in our store today!

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