Kick Up Your Savage Worlds Games at Genghis Con

Published On: January 10, 2017Categories: News

Genghis ConMake your plans for Genghis Con 40 now! It plays host to the most Savage Worlds games of any convention, including the big hitters like Gen Con!

With that sort of record, they’ve got some of the best, most experienced Savage Worlds GMs around. This is your chance to learn what they know, and do what they do, by signing up for Savage Worlds Gamemastering: Raising the Bar!

That’s right, you can join Chris “Savage Mommy” Fuchs plus three more Game Masters that have gone above and beyond with their Savage Worlds games in the last few years. We’re confident in saying that, because we’ve got a hand in picking them! Get their tips, tricks, and techniques for running consistently excellent games.

Who all will be on the panel? Will there be special guests? Will everyone be sucked through a Rift or attacked by creatures of the Weird West? Will it be recorded and available afterwards? Could there be free cookies? Will there be free cars for all attendees? The only* way to find out for sure is to join us there!

* Okay, you can probably just apply some common sense and guess that there won’t be free cars, at least not the full-size kind that actually operate.

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