Kick(start)ing Doomtown: Reloaded Out o’ the Pine Box

Published On: May 9, 2017Categories: News

03 - Legend - Jasper Stone[9482]If you’re wondering what we have on deck for our next Kickstarter, look no further, pardners!

With Doomtown: Reloaded now back in our mitts, we’re getting ready to unleash a brand new Kickstarter campaign in July to fund the Tales from the Epitaph supplement from the posse over at Pine Box Entertainment!

Doomtown: Reloaded is an expandable, fast-paced card game of gun slingin’ and spell castin’ set in the Deadlands™ universe you all know and love fear. Use poker hands and card pulls for everything from shootouts to summoning abominations with the ultimate goal of controlling the town of Gomorra.

Pine Box Entertainment will sponsor a series of Epitaph tournaments leading up to and during the forthcoming Kickstarter campaign. These events will include exclusive promos and prizes.  Visit the Tales from the Epitaph website for more details, including how to apply to host your own Epitaph Series event. Expect more reveals and the rollout of Pine Box’s learn-to-play video series as we lead up to the campaign.

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