Lankhmar Archetypes, Reviews, and Preorder Bundles!

Published On: August 18, 2015Categories: News

Lankhmar ArchetypesWe’ve got a handful of exciting Lankhmar tidbits for you this week. After all, more than a handful is too much to pick from someone’s pocket, and that’s not the Lankhmar way!

If you need some people to linger in the dark alleyways, be sure to check out the Lankhmar Archetypes. Get eight full-color, ready-to-play archetypes, iconic characters illustrated by several brilliant artists. Not only do you get a new Novice crew ready from the get-go, but with the mere flick of a switch, they turn into a Seasoned pack of terrors! Check the Lankhmar Archetypes today for a full list of characters and artists!

If you want to see what other folks have to say about Lankhmar—since we might be just a little biased in our unabashed enthusiasm—be sure to drop by Their Lankhmar review is up and ready for you.

The Lankhmar Preorder Bundles are still available, and still discounted! If you’re looking for everything and some cash back, this is definitely the way to go. Any PDFs are available immediately, and all your print products are currently scheduled to ship in November.* At this price, why not be a completist?

* Then again, this is Lankhmar stuff. You never know when it might sneak up on you…

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