Lankhmar Archetypes Updated & Unleashed

Published On: July 3, 2018Categories: News

Ideal for a one-shot adventure or that next convention game, our updated set of full-color, ready-to-play archetypes for Lankhmar is now available from our store for just $3.99!*

Featuring brilliant art by Aaron Acevedo, Chris Bivins, Bartłomiej Fedyczak, and Jon Taylor, this set of 12 archetypes includes Bravo, Fire Mage, Ghoul Warrior, Mingol Raider, Northern Barbarian, Ratling Black Sorcerer, Rogue, Sea Sorcerer, Street Tough, Swashbuckler, Thief, and White Magician. Also, each character features a layer for Novice and Seasoned stat blocks, making them twice as nice.

Download the Lankhmar archetypes and bring the Twain—or those like them—to your table today!

And check out the archetypes in the hands of our friends with The Old Skull (O Velho Crânio) at their monthly RPG in the Tavern gathering at The Dragon’s Tavern (Taverna do Dragão) in Rio de Janeiro. Nothing thrills us more than seeing fellow Savages around the world enjoying our games!

* If you already purchased the previous set of Lankhmar archetypes, you can download the updated file for free. Also, if you supported our recent Seas of Nehwon Kickstarter, you get the updated file as part of your Booster Rewards.

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