Lankhmar: Savage Seas of Nehwon Kickstarter Launches Next Tuesday

Published On: April 24, 2018Categories: News

Prepare to weigh anchor and command the helm of your own ship as you set sail across the thrashing waves of Nehwon!

From the icy waters of the Frozen Sea to the mysterious Sea of the East, adventure awaits the brave and the bold. Seek lost treasure of myth and battle creatures of legend, creating tales as great as those of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser.

Lankhmar: Savage Seas of Nehwon is an all-new, 96-page, full-color supplement containing new options to expand your Lankhmar campaign with seafaring related gear, Edges, Magic, Setting Rules, and denizens. Also included are eight exciting Savage Tales spanning the breadth of Nehwon and a sea themed Adventure Generator for sparking ideas to create your own tales!

Mark your calendar now: the Kickstarter for Lankhmar: Savage Seas of Nehwon begins next Tuesday, May 1st, at Noon Eastern!

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